High Rise Personal Descent Device

The Personal Control Descent Device provides a means for Escape from High Rise Buildings, installations and offshore platforms.


The Personal Control Descent Device can make the difference between life and death. Just follow the simple instructions - it's so easy to use, yet lightweight and portable - and surprisingly cost effective providing the confidence everyone needs to survive.

The Donut Personal Descent Device is available in two configurations: for use by a single individual or as a multi personal or rescue system.  


Product Code: RSS-DD-061

Unit Cost: USD $1,150.00


The Donut Safeland Personal Control Descent Device is a lightweight unit that is designed for use in extreme emergencies as a last means of escape from high-rise commercial, industrial, offshore/onshore or residential buildings. It enables the user to escape by means of individual controlled descent once it has been attached to a load bearing structure.


This patented device is a modification of the Donut system, which is the offshore oil and gas industry standard method of personal escape. Donut was originally designed and developed after the Piper Alpha tragedy in 1988, which claimed the lives of 160+ persons. It was originally developed with the cooperation of the UK regulatory authorities and the North Sea operators as a means of escape from oil & gas installations. Over 80,000 successful descents have been made during training sessions with Donut.


When used properly the Safeland Donut Descent Device:

  • Is an effective way to escape from a high-rise building when all other routes are blocked Is simple to operate
  • Allows the user to descend safely to ground level
  • Allows the user to control the rate of descent with one hand
  • Can be used by virtually anyone, regardless of age, fitness level or disability
  • Lightweight around 3kgs (or 7lbs)
  • Compact and fully portable
  • Contains no moving parts



Accreditations and Certifications


Safeland is a derivative of Donut, which has obtained the following International Regulatory Approvals:

  • European CE Mark
  • UK Department of Transport
  • UK Health and Safety Executive
  • US Coast Guard
  • Norwegian Petroleum Directorate ISO 9002
  • Safeland is: CE mark approved


Light and portable - can be deployed from a fixing point on any side of a building or Installation. This allows the user to descend away from prevailing danger such as smoke or flames.


It can be used in conjunction with a smoke hood.


Users do not have to ' wait their turn' to use their own Safeland. You can lock Safeland off at any time during a descent to rest or await help. Fitted with a non-spark chemical light stick allowing the user to illuminate their descent or attract attention. Units can be deployed at all points on a Installation. Their compact size makes storage easy. A derivative of Donut - which has proved its reliability in the offshore industry, with Units now having been in the field for over 15 years. Maintenance free (however, the system should be periodically checked, and if the vacuum seal is broken, the unit should be returned to the manufacturer for re-certification). Backed by a worldwide network of product support services, which include training in the use of the product.


Each unit is supplied complete with a short instruction DVD with step -by- step instructions on how to use the system.



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